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The No Limits Volleyball Club is a different kind of club located in the South Metro, Denver, and Boulder areas.  We host 15 to 20 AAU CLUB teams every year from numerous parts of town, along with our 50+ competitive league teams.  We are continuously expanding to other parts of town, and are on our way to a state, regional and national infrastructure.

No Limits Volleyball Club

"A full-on CLUB (sanctioned by the AAU),
and a refreshing, new way of thinking."

The No Limits Volleyball Club is NOT like traditional USAV (RMR) clubs. If you are looking for the traditional "club" experience offered from the so-called "elite" volleyball clubs in the area, then this club is not for you.  This club is an official objection to the way things "have always been done."  Our club players will have a very unique experience designed to cultivate strong volleyball skills, personal growth/fulfillment/happiness, and a life-long love of the game.  Because of this, we do NOT attend USAV events such as Crossroads!!!  We refuse to induce "death by volleyball" by way of effort toward creating the biggest, strongest, fastest volleyball machines out of extremely impressionable youth!  Overtraining and burnout are at the expense of guiding players on a path to a well-adjusted adulthood, a healthy attitude toward sports, and an unwavering commitment to sportsmanship.  Our club coaches must pass rigorous criteria and board approval.  They are all some of the best coaches in the area - every school coach will notice significant growth in player skills after participation in the No Limits Volleyball Club. 

"Thanks for all you guys do to make this program a rewarding one. While this is our first season of club we've been in the league for several years and have enjoyed nearly every minute of it. I know it’s a lot of work, and you guys do a great job! J"
—Raina B, Castle Rock

"We have a first-time club player, and we feel as though there is very little pressure...it is more about teaching the skills and learning to enjoy the sport--and what the sport requires of a player." 

"My daughter played volleyball last winter at your club and loved it!   Thank you sooooo much!  My daughter is very happy with Coach Gia!" 
—Christen O, Lone Tree

"No Limits is a GOOD club!  My daughter is very happy! Please have our coach back!"

"You two ROCK!!  All of your hard work is the only reason we let our daughter play this game at the club level!  I have heard about other organizations who are not nearly as dedicated to the GIRLS, as you continually show.  Thank you for all you do!"
—Gretchen W, Centennial 

"This is a really fine program! We have really enjoyed the number of games, tourneys, and practices the program offers. It is just what we needed for our daughter!" 

"Thank you for all of your hard work in providing an affordable alternative to club volleyball.  My daughter is enjoying her team and her coach.  Our experience has been GREAT!"
—Barbara R, Elizabeth

“My daughter made her middle school volleyball ‘A’ team along with many club girls. Thank you Dee Ann and Tim Arey for being fabulous coaches! South Metro rocks!”  
–Lynne D, Highlands Ranch

"I don’t know that our club experience is much different from others that are not ruthlessly competitive. I get so upset just thinking about spending 10 hours in a gym with all those people who really don’t care about you.”
—Susan H, Parker

"Our daughter just spent 2 days trying out for her high school volleyball teams. She will be a freshman NEXT year, and she made the JV team for the summer!  We cannot thank you enough!!!  She is so excited!  She did not even make a summer team last year, but thanks to you and her coach... she learned so much, and her skills improved way beyond what we expected! This is a MUST-DO club!!!" 
Melinda P, Littleton

  • Our club teams do NOT travel out of town for volleyball tournaments

Traveling to play volleyball causes a significant amount of wasted time AND money that could go to MUCH better causes (such as more study time to raise grades or more family vacations for fun and bonding)!

  • Our kids do NOT play volleyball on Sundays

All of the AAU Mile High Tournaments Series tourneys are scheduled on Saturdays!  We do not practice on Saturdays nor Sundays, as we only practice 2 weeknights per week. 

  • AAU Mile High Volleyball Tournaments feature teams from multiple states 

We typically host a very large number of teams from many remote areas in Colorado, as well as the surrounding states.  For our first two seasons, these tournaments featured teams from all over the region, including Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, New York...and we expect numbers to significantly increase from there in year 3!

  • We hire professional referees so players and coaches do not have to officiate 

We hire professional officials to referee all of our tournament games.  Referees keep track of score, as well.  For this coming season, we will assign line-judging to teams, but that's it!  When you have CVOA professional referees officiate your tournament, it creates a higher level of play all around, consistency throughout the day, and a huge sense of relief among players and coaches that they are not responsible for the stressful calling of games!

  • Our players spend less than 5 hours a week practicing/training

We believe in a high quality of life.  And, when you are young and impressionable, time at home and with family is paramount.  Young, developing kids should not spend more time with their coaches than their parents!

  • We cultivate (not recruit) top level players 

Our elite high caliber coaching TURNS players into stars, we do not try to make our club look good by finding kids who are already dominant!  We are in this to create good players, not gather the best players around so that we can win at all costs!    

  • It does NOT cost thousands of dollars to participate in the No Limits Volleyball Club

Our TOTAL pricing for an entire season comes in just over $1,500 per player!  What makes us the true low-cost leader is there are NO ADDITIONAL travel expenses added onto this.  Travel expenses can reach upwards to $10,000 at other clubs.


Tryouts take place in late September, early October.  All players will be notified via email of their status on or before 10/15/15.  Once notified, players have 48 hours to accept offers via email response.  Those who do not accept within 48 hours will be removed from the list and the next player in line will receive an offer. Signed contracts (player agreements) are due within 24 hours of acceptance. $500 non-refundable deposits are due no later than Friday 10/22/15. Players missing signed contracts (player agreements) or deposits as of Monday Friday 10/22/15 will be removed from teams.  An electronic copy of the 2014-2015 No Limits Volleyball Club contract (player agreement) is available for review upon request.

2015-2016 Club Packages TBA

2015-2016 Club Packages TBA


Out of respect for busy families and concurrent school volleyball seasons, tryouts will not take place until late September, early October. The entire process of tryouts must be completed prior to sending out any team invitations to players who tryout, as such FINAL club teams will not be announced until mid-October.  To register for tryouts, please check back soon:

Boys are welcome to come on the nights of their respective age groups. While we do not yet know if we will field any boys teams, we for sure can field coed teams in nearly every division and have the highly educated ability to refer boys to other options if we do not currently have a good fit for them. We do know that some of the AAU Mile High Tournament Series events will feature all-boy divisions.


Specific divisions are finalized as open gyms progress because our mantra is to adapt to what players who come to us need from us most.  Tryouts are late in October, as we are respecting that families are quite busy during the school volleyball seasons...and signing contracts in July/August just does not seem right (what if you change your mind and/or something comes up?).  The list below will be subject to change based on the number and type of players we meet at all of the open gyms/workshops.  Lead coaches have developed a club-wide system for optimal learning and will be heavily involved in ensuring all players on all teams get the highest quality learning experience and growth as players. Remember, that is OUR MAIN GOAL.  We want our kids to reach their potential under our guidance...and more than 90% of the kids who played club with us last year made their school teams in extremely competitive environments.

Head Coach Pool:
Announcement of Head Coaches is coming soon! We use the highest caliber coaches for our club program, including but not limited to: Scott Nugent, Andrew Whitson, Kevin Lacy, Lila Harvey, Eric Stinson, Scott Bunker, Sheri Fling, Cyndi Lenon, Kyle Brownlow, Brigid O'Connor, and more.


The age determination date for AAU Volleyball is September 1. Below are the 2015 age requirements for each age division (effective Sept 1, 2015 - August 31, 2016).

10 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 2005
11 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 2004
12 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 2003
13 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 2002
14 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 2001
15 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 2000
16 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1999
17 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1998
18 & Under - Born on or after September 1, 1997