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Who We Are

"More than 5 years ago, I noticed that there were a LOT of kids being left out of competitive volleyball - for whatever reason. Because of that, I felt there needed to be some way to capture all of those kids who love volleyball. The rest is history. Our competitive youth league started with 20 teams, and has grown to more than 100 teams. It is Colorado's largest and longest standing competitive youth league. And, it continues to grow because I surround myself with high quality, extremely ethical, and very hard-working WONDERFUL people who are in this for the kids...and NO other reason!"

Tracy Dudley, Founder & Executive Director
As a true Colorado Native, Tracy has been an active volunteer in the local volleyball community for more than 20 years. Picking up the sport late in life, she has played in and organized countless adult competitive leagues & tournaments across the state—including virtually every format at every level of play: hard-court, grass, sand, 2s, 4s, 6s, coed, reverse coed & women’s. 

By trade, Tracy is a successful marketing professional who operates her own research and analysis company. She has played an integral role in consultation to many Fortune 500 companies, such as Kellogg's, Microsoft, Target Stores, Wells Fargo, Kroger, Procter and Gamble, McDonald's and many more. More than 2 decades ago, she graduated with Phi Beta Kappa outstanding academic honors from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult and Child Psychology.  From this same University, she also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing--graduating with Beta Gamma Sigma academic honors and professional excellence. She is the wife of her high school sweetheart and has two 6'4" sons who have both participated in No Limits Volleyball programs.

"I respect Tracy for creating a volleyball program that is affordable...and therefore kid and family-friendly. It can be tempting to charge as much as we can because they'll pay it...but, then there are people like Tracy that do youth athletics for the kids, not themselves. Way to go Tracy!"
—Joe Harmon, Founder of Big House Sports 

"Tracy is the founder of South Metro Volleyball. This organization was created on the principles and foundations of providing low-cost volleyball training and team play for players of all ages, economics, and diversities. Regular club volleyball is extremely expensive and most kids cannot afford it. South Metro in conjunction with their sister No Limits provides a low-cost, positive environment with experienced and caring adult clinicians. I admire Tracy for undertaking and continuing to manage this huge program. I mean huge!!!! Sooooo many kids involved. I have firsthand knowledge of this organization and how it is managed under Tracy's leadership, as I have done many clinics for her programs. I am also the Athletic Director and Head Volleyball Coach for Bennett School District.  I have 28 years’ experience coaching high school volleyball. I understand what it takes to be successful. No Limits Volleyball is successful and doing it for the right reasons...the kids."
—Larry Deffenbaugh, Owner of Sky High Volleyball Camps

“Tracy offers such an amazing program with No Limits Volleyball. My daughter learned so much and just continues to grow with all the programs that are offered. Anyone who is not involved with the league is missing out. What is offered, especially for the very affordable price, beats any other organization out there offering volleyball. The all mighty dollar is not what drives her, it is her love of volleyball and wanting kids to love the sport as much as she does. I can't say enough about the whole program!!”
—Evelyn Wheeler, Owner of Web Designs Your Way

"Tracy, you have done some super things in volleyball.  Kudos and thank you from the volleyball community!"
—George Mon, Owner of PowerZone Volleyball Inc.

“Tracy is a particularly driven individual and visionary who knows how to make a business work and work well. She has great command of what needs to get done and how to do it efficiently and effectively while utilizing her staff and their expertise to the fullest. Tracy cares about doing things the right way and making sure her clients get the most out of their experience at South Metro Volleyball.”
—Chuck Ellis, Colorado Volleyball Guru

“I have worked with Tracy for years. In all aspects of her work she has been professional and fair. She looks out for us. She is one who gets things done.  Tracy, you are so good at getting me to think.  I am so glad we came across each other!"
—Maria Byars, Owner of Lucky Dog Volleyball



Charis Denny, Director of Operations
Charis holds a Bachelor's in Human Services from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a double concentration in Nonprofit Management and Mental Health Counseling. She also holds a Certificate in Entrepreneurship through the Center for Innovation, part of Metro State’s College of Business. Charis sharpened her own entrepreneurial skills for nearly fifteen years while launching a successful tree-care company and building a busy private practice as a Certified Clinical Herbalist. Additionally, she was the sole owner of the Highlands Natural Apothecary, a herb and supplement store and healing arts center located in Northwest Denver.

Since leaving the world of integrative medicine and embarking on a new career path in 2014, Charis has acted as a consultant for a number of small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare practitioners. As a consultant, she helped her clients develop strategic plans for both start-up and periods of growth, organizational structure, operations, best practices, policies and procedures, funding, marketing and promotion, development, and staff management. She has also developed her proficiency in managing the growth, training and oversight of nonprofit Boards of Directors. A passionate proponent of relationship building as an integral part of fundraising and development, Charis has planned and executed everything from community outreach and fundraising programs for her son’s school PTSA organization to a full-blown music festival. She is also experienced at grant writing, developing sponsorships programs, volunteer management, and creating nonprofit programming.

In addition to her formal education and years of experience, Charis was lucky to have also “learned from the best.” Her mother, Linda Denny, is a known leader in nonprofit and business consulting. Linda enjoys national and international recognition for her expertise in promoting women in business, and has been an excellent sounding board for Charis as she has travelled down her own career path. In her free time, Charis enjoys spending time with her son, Jonah, along with other family and friends, reading about U.S. and world history, and traveling around the country attending as many concerts as humanly possible.

“I absolutely love coaching youth volleyball. It’s amazing to see the girls improve so much just after one season, let alone those who I have been coaching for years! Their drive and passion is inspiring tome  do my best on and off the court for them!”

Kallie Padbury, Director of Programs & Finance

Kallie began playing volleyball when she was five years old, and has been playing or coaching ever since. She started playing recreational volleyball for Aurora Parks and Recreation, and then competed for both her middle school and high school teams. From there, Kallie moved on to club volleyball and continued to play as an adult. After she injured her rotator cuffs and required repeated surgeries, she decided to retire as a volleyball player. To stay involved in the sport, she got involved in officiating volleyball games. Kallie eventually came to realize that officiating did not give her much opportunity to foster love of the sport in young players, though, which is where coaching came in. It was the next best thing to playing for her, and as her skill as a coach has grown she has never looked back!

Graduating with majors in Business Management, Criminal Justice, and Sports Nutrition, Kallie plans to continue her schooling to pursue Master's degrees in similar areas. She enjoys any and all outdoor activities and sports. She also LOVES traveling! When Kallie is not busy with coaching and work, she enjoys hanging out with her family, friends, and pups. Kallie is a certified coach for PCA, NCV, and USA Volleyball IMPACT.

"We like our team and coaches (Kallie and Greg)! They are very knowledgeable and hold good practices!"

"We have a fun team and a good coach; they know how to work hard AND have fun! We are very satisfied with Kallie, she has a connection with the girls."

"Coach Kallie is very interested in developing the girls' skills, preparing them for games, and motivating them to play their best!"

“"I grew up loving to play volleyball.  Everything I did was about volleyball...getting good grades, working hard, never giving up.  I had amazing coaches who helped reaffirm these values that my parents taught me.  Now, as a parent and a coach, I hope to do the same for young players.  If I had to name one thing that I enjoy most about coaching, it would be seeing my players finally come together at a team, creating a synergy that only they can create."

Lila Harvey, Director of Operations & Legal Affairs

Lila discovered volleyball in elementary school at the age of 9, and by the age of 12 was playing for Front Range Volleyball Club. In addition to club volleyball, she also played for Machebeuf Catholic High School, Hampton University, and for the Jamaican semi-professional team - the Ruff Necks. As team captain, she earned All State honors in high school and All Conference honors in college, where she was voted Outstanding Freshman and Most Valuable Player. Lila started coaching during her college volleyball career in Virginia, and has been coaching ever since wherever her skills were needed, including for the Montbello High School team.

Lila holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Hampton University and a Juris Doctorate (Specializing in Sports Law) from Tulane University Law School. She is a Colorado licensed attorney and has more than 20 years experience in the sports and entertainment industry. She enjoys reading and singing...and, in fact, once sang the National Anthem at a Denver Nuggets basketball game and at the opening ceremonies for Junior Olympics! Lila is a PCA certified coach.

"We are very satisfied with Coach Lila! She lets everyone play and is very constructive to the players. She is also very positive!"

More soon!

Brittany Audi, Public Relations & Fundraising

Brittany was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado, where she began playing volleyball at the age of 10. She played for many organizations, including Chatfield Senior High, and became a Youth Coach at just 16 years-old. She has coached every age from 4-16 years with organizations like the Arapahoe Youth League, and 5280 volleyball club. She joined the No Limits organization on day one, and she has been here ever since. While she still continues to coach, she has recently joined the No Limits staff, utilizing her Social Media Marketing and Public Relations background as the PR and Marketing Coordinator. 

In her free time, Brittany enjoys being outdoors, paddle boarding, hiking, playing sand volleyball, and baking. 

More soon!

Vanessa Riley, Director of Customer Satisfaction

Vanessa has been playing and enjoying sports her entire life. She began coaching alongside her husband in about 1997, with volleyball being her favorite sport with which to help develop young athletes. Vanessa has a degree in computer science, but her true passion is helping people. After coaching her daughter's team here at No Limits, she fell in love with the organization and its mission. When Vanessa was offered a position she jumped at the chance, and now she, along with her “servant’s heart”, dedicates herself to providing amazing customer service for No Limits’ families, bringing sunshine to people's days, streamlining processes, and solving problems.   

When she’s not working on making No Limits exceptional, you will find her ballroom dancing, reading, or relaxing and playing games with her family and friends.  She is happily married with kids, both human and furry, who make her life worth living.  

"I love my position as youth volleyball coach--getting to teach the best sport to a group of great, hardworking players is one of the best parts of my day. I just love the game and hope to be a positive influence to motivate players to be successful. I make everyday a chance to learn."

Christine Vine, Director of Coaching & Quality

Growing up in Wyoming, Christine has been playing volleyball since 5th grade. She played on her middle school and high school teams, as well as adult 2s, 4s, and 6s leagues--mostly playing libero or defensive specialist. Recently, her adult 4s team won the coed championships! Christine starting coaching nearly 10 years ago in Montrose, Colorado. She has coached the gamut of youth volleyball, from recreational programs to middle schools to juniors clubs (such as Black Canyon Volleyball).

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Regis University, Christine has been working in the banking and finance industry for more than 20 years. She also holds Series 7 and 66 licensing, as well as Colorado State Life, Health and Disability certification. Christine is currently a high level consultant with a long-time financial strategies group headquartered in Denver. In her free time, Christine enjoys volleyball, horseback riding, and animal rescue. She has lived in Colorado for more than 20 years and is happily married with two great kids.

“"Christine is very informative and knowledgeable."

“We love Coach Christine!”

More soon!

April Riley, Administrator & Coach

After April discovered volleyball and joined a No Limits team in 2009, she never looked back to another sport. April has a degree in Baking and Pastries from Johnson and Wales-Denver, but her other true passion lies in volleyball, coaching, and helping others. She has a soft spot for the kids and loves being able to watch them develop both their skills, and their love for the game.

When she’s not busy at work with No Limits, you will find April ballroom dancing, in dance showcases, enjoying the outdoors, reading, or relaxing with her family and friends. 

“I continue to coach volleyball because I have so much fun doing it.  It truly is a passion of mine, and I hope to help younger players develop.  If it's not fun, why do it?”

Bobby Albi, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
Bobby played volleyball in high school and college in California, which is also where he started coaching. From coaching his first group of high school freshman in California, he moved on as founder and player on the men's club team at College of the Canyons. When Bobby moved Colorado, he coached and played on the Regis University Club team, moving on to juniors USAV club teams. South Metro Volleyball is grateful for adding Bobby to the coaching team, as he has been instrumental during the early stages of youth league development.

Bobby holds an Associate's Degree from the College of the Canyons and a Bachelor's Degree from Regis University. Prior to working for No Limits, he spent many years as a Regional Sales Coordinator for a national media corporation in Centennial, Colorado. Bobby is certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

"Thank you so much, Bobby!  My daughter is happier at South Metro than I have ever seen her!  Makes me happy!"
—AM, Aurora

"Bobby has been an excellent coach.  He works with each player, helps them work together as a team, is flexible, and has a great attitude!"

“We love being a positive influence in the lives of these girls.  Each of them has something special that deserves to be nurtured and grown.  Volleyball is a sport that really allows kids to shine while developing lifelong team-building and friendship skills at the same time.  When Tim and I coach, we truly take on our players as if they are our own children.  Not only do we focus on improving the physical aspects of their game, we also instill good sportsmanship, integrity, and honesty...which are qualities they will always be able to use."

Tim & Dee Ann Arey, NVC Certified Coaches
Both Tim and Dee Ann are certified Gold Medal Squared coaches. Tim played high level volleyball for more than 20 years.  In addition to numerous sand doubles outdoor tournaments, he was a setter for the CSU men's club team.  He has more than 10 years of volleyball coaching experience including Douglas County Dolphins, City of Castle Rock, and Gold Crown.  His South Metro Volleyball and No Limits Volleyball teams have won many championships.  With a degree in Computer Science from CSU, Tim has been an Insight Program Director for a multinational computer technology corporation for nearly 20 years.

Dee Ann started playing volleyball in college, but her passion prior to that was softball (from age 6 to age 20).  Once she met Tim, she fell in love with volleyball and has been playing or coaching ever since.  Dee Ann believes coaching should be positive and constructive, and she has an uncanny ability to connect with young players and bring out the best in each of them by fostering growth in confidence and self-esteem.  She encourages all players to develop friendships, which leads to good synergy on and off the court.  Dee Ann attended Western State College and is currently a leading real estate agent at Madison & Company. Both Tim and Dee Ann are certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

"Tim and DeeAnn Arey simply are the BEST! They are extremely knowledgeable about volleyball, and like parents, they expect a lot from their 'kids'. They are there to teach, lead, be compassionate and have fun...just as a great parent would. We feel blessed to have crossed paths with them. Our daughter has grown tremendously as a volleyball player, but more importantly as a person. We will forever be grateful to Tim and DeeAnn for their unbelievable dedication to our kids and to South Metro.
—SP & DP, Centennial 

“Dee Ann is very good with the kids by being fun and providing discipline at the same time.  She is passionate about teaching the girls the sport.  She made very good volleyball players out of the girls in a very short time period.”

"My daughter has had a wonderful experience playing! Her coaches have helped to nurture her along in becoming a confident young volleyball player. They are responsive to my questions and concerns as a parent, and they are compassionate and caring coaches who have made playing fun for my daughter and watching a pleasure for me."
—LD, Highlands Ranch 

"We really like Coach DeeAnn.  She is positive, encouraging, and really cares about how the girls feel about themselves... We Love her!  My daughter is very lucky to be coached by her!"

“I enjoy teaching the game of volleyball in a fun and supportive environment."

Mike Bennett, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
Michael has been playing volleyball since high school. He played on the Colorado State University club volleyball team, and has been playing in adult leagues ever since—including recreation programs in Broomfield, Thornton, and Erie. He started coaching volleyball for his son’s teams approximately five years ago.

Although currently a stay-at-home parent, Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Microbiology as well as a PhD in Microbiology from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He holds a black belt in Taekwondo, enjoys mountain biking, and loves building with Legos.

“Coach Mike is patient and very encouraging with the players.”

"I love kids, and I love every minute of coaching!  To make a difference, I want to build strong, respectful young ladies for the future.  I do not coach for me, I coach to build strong kids!  I want the kids to understand they can do whatever they want to do in life, yet be respectful and gracious at the same time.”

Kyle Brownlow, NVC Certified Coach
Kyle started playing doubles volleyball as a teen and continued to play until fatherhood. Once his oldest son turned 7, Kyle had to switch into coaching mode. Over the past 17 years, he has coached his son and daughter in a variety of sports - including soccer, softball, and volleyball. 

He has coached many teams through C.A.R.A. Volleyball in Lakewood, Golden, and Arvada...where he was mentored by an excellent technician in coaching. Kyle also has also coached girls at the club level and actually took one of his teams from division 5 up to the highest division by season end. Kyle is certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

"Coach Kyle cares about the girls and works with them to get them better.”

“Kyle is committed to the girls and the team.  He is creative in his approach with the girls.  My daughter has the utmost respect for him.”

"Coach Kyle has been a great asset to SMVB, especially to our team. He's really helped these girls grow in their skills as well as in their confidence and level of play. He is constantly lifting the girls up with praise and helping them with their self-confidence. He truly cares about them and believes in shows!"

"My daughter is excited to play with you and your coaches again!  She has learned so much from you and really has come to love the sport of volleyball!  She is now a volleyball fanatic!  I plan to sign her up again on Kyle's team!  Please hold her spot!"
—JM, Parker

“Coach Kyle is always prepared for can tell he puts thought into what the girls will be working on that evening.  He's always taking time with each of the players to help them perfect a skill...we love him!”

"We really appreciate Coach Kyle! He is fantastic! We love how he's just very invested in having the kids play good volleyball and uses games as a teaching opportunity."
—CB, Parker

"Find something you are passionate about and work hard to become the best at it.  I have always loved volleyball and am blessed to have had four daughters who I could share my passion with.  Not only do I now have the opportunity to share my passion with them, but I am also able to coach/play with them and their peers.  It's extremely rewarding to watch these young ladies grow and succeed, all while having fun!"

Tracy Childers, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
During her early youth, Tracy played volleyball with her family on a badminton net in her backyard! Then, when she was a teenager, she started playing competitive volleyball. In high school, she played defensive specialist and earned All State her senior year. She has continued to play as an adult in various venues such as USA Volleyball and local adult competitive leagues. She has even played on teams with her husband (also a volleyball coach) and older daughters. More than 10 years ago, Tracy started working with her daughters on fundamental volleyball skills at the local recreation center. She then coached through the City of Golden CARA recreational volleyball program, and helped grow the program from about 10 girls to more than 40 girls. During her tenure as a coach for CARA, her teams always finished in the top fact, she coached three of her teams to state champions! 

Tracy believes in focusing on preparing girls for both middle and high school tryouts. She also works to forge close relationships with local high school coaching staffs. Many of the girls she has coached have gone on to play for several different USA Volleyball clubs in the area. Through the City of Golden, Tracy is often requested by name for special skills clinics and private volleyball lessons. She has also coached adults through the Colorado Volleyball Connection. Tracy is currently a homemaker who loves being active. She enjoys spending time with her family camping, rafting, doing snow sports, hiking, and attending concerts.

Send us your thoughts about Coach Chillders!

MJ Cook, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
MJ is a Colorado native with 20 years of active coaching experience. While she started coaching a middle school volleyball team, she worked her way up to head coach of a high school volleyball program. She is also an USA Volleyball IMPACT certified coach who has coached USAV (RMR) teams to 1st and 2nd place titles in the Select Division of a national tournament.  MJ has coached mainly in the northern Denver Metro area, but has recently moved to south Denver.  MJ was successful in creating a fun and challenging atmosphere for her players as a first year No Limits coach in the 2014/2015, and in challenging her 13s team to play in a 14s/15s end of season tournament, her team earned a second place title.

MJ played volleyball from middle school to high school, where she earned an All Conference Player title (Westminster High School).  She also played two years at a local elite volleyball club and continues to play at a high level as an adult.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix, MJ works as a senior risk analyst at Nelnet, a student loan servicing company that also offers diversified business solutions. Her spare time is filled with family, volleyball, softball, and running.

"We are very satisfied with Coach MJ. She has a lot of experience.”

"Coach MJ is very knowledgeable, motivates the girls, and pushed them at the right level. She is a Great coach!"

"I want to get young players to learn how to love the game as much as I do in a positive way!"

Seanna Conklin, Coach
Seanna stepped on to her first volleyball court as a freshman in high school and has not stopped playing since, fitting roughly eight years of serious training into three short years. Having learned from some of the best coaches that the sport of volleyball has to offer, including Olympic athletes and coaches, Seanna is one of the top recruited volleyball athletes in the country. As such, she is in a unique position to pass her knowledge and experience on to her own players as a coach. With an emphasis on sportsmanship and character building, Seanna uses positive coaching techniques to help players make rapid improvements to their game in a very short period of time. Seanna is available for both private and small group lessons.

Seanna’s next step in life is playing for her college volleyball team in Illinois while studying Environmental Science, after which she plans to move back to Colorado to begin her career as an engineer. In her free time she enjoys conditioning, bakinc, art, camping, and spending time with her family and four pet lizards.

"Seanna was knowledgeable and focused on players needs"


"I love finding new ways to help develop players' skills and enhance their desire to play the game of volleyball."

Michael Cregger, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
Michael picked up volleyball later in life, as an adult. He has played in adult coed leagues in south metro areas such as Parker and Elizabeth. He started coaching more than five years ago through the Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department. and has loved coaching with No Limits Volleyball ever since! Michael has also coached youth basketball, softball, and baseball.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife from the University of Missouri and holds status as Professional Land Surveyor through the State of Colorado. Michael is currently a Health and Wellness Marketing Executive. He also enjoys time with family, as well as coaching and playing multiple sports. Mike is certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

"We are very satisfied with Coach Michael. He is always fair! If you missed a practice, you did not get to play as much as those who attended. But, he plays everyone. He works with each girl and has the team work with their teammates. He creates a TEAM, not a group on individuals! Keep coaching please!”

"The coaching is great, and the girls have thrived! Even with new members coming onto the team, the team won and moved up in age groups. Team building and techniques involved with how a team is supposed to work together have made a great improvement in our daughter's life!”

"Coach Michael is very approachable and kind. We are very satisfied with his coaching."

"I believe, anyone who has played volleyball will fall in love with the sport – South Metro is a great league with a team who work hard to teach fundamentals, skills, and teamwork to prepare all players for the next level."

Tom Damm, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
Tom has been playing volleyball since he was a 16 year old in high school.  He played for the Mead High School Men's Club team in Spokane, Washington and moved on to play in the U.S. Navy.  Most recently, he has played in the Aurora Recreational Adult League and South Metro Volleyball's fun Friday night coed 6s league (his team won the second session of the league).  Tom also started coaching volleyball in high school where he mentored elementary school kids.  He has also coached recreational youth soccer for the Colorado Storm. 

He holds a Bachelor of Arts business degree from Judson University in Elgin, Illinois.  A small business owner in the insurance industry for over a dozen years, Tom also works for CNA Insurance as a surety marketing representative over several states. Tom thinks it is important to stay active and loves working out, camping, and motorcycling with his wife and two boys.  After training with South Metro / No Limits Volleyball for a year, his youngest son plays for Front Range Volleyball boys’ team! Tom is certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

"We are very satisfied with Coach Tom! He is very knowledgeable and good with the girls!"

“Tom is patient, but firm. My daughter learned a lot from him, had fun, and got to play a lot.”

“Quote coming soon!”

Holly DeVylder, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
Holly has been playing volleyball since she was 11 years old and in 7th grade. She played middle school volleyball, as well as Junior Varsity and Varsity for South Putnam Senior High in Indiana. She also played on a recreational team in college, and continues to play in adult leagues in and around the Denver Metro Area. Holly started coaching during college for the Boys and Girls Club in Muncie, Indiana. Almost 10 years ago, we were lucky enough to add her to our coaching staff...where is is infamous for rallying teams of all types to tournament championships!

With a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and a minor in English Education from Ball State University, Holly is currently a Systems Analyst in Enterprise Information Services for a national media corporation in Centennial. She also enjoys babysitting, sewing, crafts, comic conventions and cosplay! Holly is a PCA certified coach.

"We like Coach Holly's ability to connect with the team!"

"I like the relationship Coach Holly has with the girls."

"We really like Coach Holly's patience as the players develop."

“I love helping No Limits in their mission to make 'learning volleyball' fun and accessible. I love watching young players work hard and get excited when they improve. My experience in high school made me a firm believer in the importance of teamwork and positive coaching.”

Michelle Garrison, NVC Certified Coach
Michelle started playing volleyball in junior high. She moved on to be a setter for her high school team that made it to the Idaho State Volleyball Tournament. Continuing to play for fun in intramurals and recreational indoor and outdoor leagues throughout college and graduate school, Michelle still plays in adult competitive adult volleyball leagues today
in Highlands Ranch and the surrounding areas. In fact, she has played numerous times on coed 6s teams with Tracy and Petra.

As a long-time member of the South Metro / No Limits Volleyball family, Michelle has been involved in coaching for many years. Because of her young son, she has also participated in leadership of numerous other youth sports, such as soccer, football, basketball, and baseball.

Michelle studies Earth Sciences at Stanford University and Water Resources at the University of Arizona. With a degree in Civil Engineering, Michelle is currently a Physical Scientist / Water Resource Specialist for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. Although, she sometimes feels like her job title should be "Professional Meeting Attender", whereby she requires some therapy on the volleyball court! In addition to spending time with her family, Michelle enjoys sports, reading, cooking, and traveling. Michelle is a PCA certified coach.

"Michelle is very positive and easy going, but still a very solid instructor. The girls had lots of fun. We are playing with this coach again. We are 100% satisfied and like the positive atmosphere and quality play. What a great balance between recreational and club! This is exactly where our daughter needs to be.”

"I have two kids with two different coaches; one of them is Michelle. We are very satisfied with both coaches. They are committed to helping players develop their skills, and they set up practices so that the drills are fun and educational. The environment is very encouraging!”

"Michelle works very well with the kids and listens to what they want to do. Our daughter has a great time!"

"I love seeing the players grow their volleyball skills, and i want to give back."

Bruno Hald, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
A native of Germany, Bruno has been playing volleyball since middle school. He played in high school and continues to play in recreational adult leagues. As middle school volleyball coach at Southeast Christian School for three years, Bruno's team placed first twice and second once in scholastic league play.

Bruno holds a Master of Business Administration from Colorado Technical University and a Computer Engineering degree from an educational institute in Germany called Fachhochschule Ulm - Hochschule für Technik. He has worked for Quantum Corporation for nearly 25 years and is currently Vice President of Engineering responsible for a multi-million dollar functional budget and oversees at team of more than 130 engineers. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, camping, car racing, playing volleyball, and spending time with his family and dog.

“Bruno is amazing...  Always teaching with a great attitude and talking to girls about ways to improve. He was encouraging the girls to sign-up for clinics and gave them ways to practice at home.”

“Coach Bruno stays calm and is encouraging to the girls.  He coaches to their level and pushes them to be better. We love Bruno!”

"I'm interested in helping student athletes achieve their dreams of playing college sports. There's a small window of time that parents and athletes have, and they have to take advantage of their opportunities. I'm going to give you all the pieces to be able to succeed."

Richard Harvey, NFL Veteran & Performance Trainer
Richard Harvey grew up in Mississippi. In high school, he lettered in football and basketball and earned Player of the Week multiple times. He was also an All-State Linebacker his senior year. Signing a scholarship with Tulane University, he was starting linebacker for four years, was named captain, earned Player of the Week multiple times (again), won Defensive Player of the Game, and graduated with honors after playing in the Mississippi All Star Game.

Drafted by the Buffalo Bills initially, Richard played in the NFL for 12 years. He also spend time as a New England Patriot, New Orleans Saint, Oakland Raider, San Diego Charger, and yes, even a Denver Bronco! While playing for the Saints, he was selected by his team to be their "Unsung Hero" and their Player Representative for the National Football League's Players Association (a member of the Executive Committee for two years). Upon retiring in 2000, Richard joined the athletic staff at Tulane University, taught in California for several years, and  then became CEO of Breakout Football Academy, a sports marketing firm that helps high school student-athletes connect with college recruiters.

"I get a sense of accomplishment when I see players improve as individuals AND as a team. When coaching volleyball, I relate life experiences with volleyball in order to teach the players life lessons & I love the camaraderie as a team grows together!"

Jeannie Hertel, NVC Certified Coach
Jeannie has been playing volleyball since the age of seven.  She has played in Illinois, Arizona, and Colorado and was voted MVP by her high school volleyball team.  Starting her coaching career with the City of Aurora Parks and Recreation program, she spent four years with the same group of girls and took them from knowing nothing about volleyball to currently running an efficient 6-2 offense!  She has also coached for local volleyball clubs like the Aurora Atomics.  Her youth athletics portfolio also includes coaching little league and umpiring all levels of softball and baseball.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business information from the University of Phoenix, Jeannie is a long-time Technology Consultant for UnitedHealth Group.  She holds numerous certifications in her field, including Microsoft Certification, Hewlett Packard Certification, and Dell Certification.  Her nickname at work is “Coach Hard Drive Hertel.” Jeannie is a PCA certified coach.

"We are very satisfied with Coach Jeannie! She really tells the girls stuff to make them better, and she offers constructive criticism. The program is very organized, and Jeannie offers a pretty even amount of playing time for the girls on the team.”

"Jeannie is tough but fair, professional, funny, and is there for the kids if they need her. We are having fun while learning the game and meeting new people.”

“I coach because I love having a positive impact on these young kids...both on and off the court.”

Brad Houser, NVC Certified Coach - Level 2
Brad has been coaching on and off for the past 25 years.  In his youth, he coached at Weber State University as a volunteer assistant for two seasons and has coached numerous summer camps for an assortment of universities.  Most of his coaching is been with USAV Juniors teams in the 16-18 year old age groups.  Brad’s junior volleyball teams have won regional championships and competed nationally, while many of his players have also received athletic scholarships to play in college.  A handful of his former players have since picked up the coaching bug themselves. 

rad recently spent several years coaching for 303 Volleyball Club.  He started playing volleyball at the age of 14 in the Seattle area, and picked up doubles volleyball in college.  Brad currently plays pickup ball, either indoor or doubles, with his wife and friends.  He holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Wyoming and works in product development in the telecommunications industry. Brad is a PCA certified coach.

"Brad pushes me to learn, and he gets excited when I do things right! The coaching is good, and it is fun!"

"Brad has been a great coach - the girls love him!  We are of course very pleased with the team's participation at South Metro and congratulate you on a very well run organization.  You are doing a great job!  Thanks for all of your hard work!"
Pete P, Denver

"Brad is awesome, and he knows so much about everything! I learn a new thing every day. It's fun!"

"Volleyball is my favorite thing to do, and I want to pass this passion on to the players of tomorrow."

Katherine Lasak, NVC Certified Coach
Katie has been playing volleyball since age 12. She played Junior Varsity and Varsity at Galway High School in New York, while also playing for Caroga Lake Volleyball Club. Katie then went on to play for State University of New York (SUNY) Oneonta. She started coaching volleyball in high school, but yearned to get more involved throughout her college years.

After graduation from SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Art, Katie became a professional Graphic Designer. In addition to spending time on the volleyball court, she also loves to run, ski, hike, climb, kayak, and do just about anything outdoors.

“Practices are great! Katie seems fair and fun, and the girls say she is a good instructor!”

"I coach to share my love of the game and see players' eyes when they 'get it'!"

Kristin Lott, NVC Certified Coach
Kristin started playing volleyball more than 10 years ago. She has placed high school, club, college, and additional camps, clinics, and leagues in Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Colorado. A well-rounded player, Kristin has played many positions through the years: OH (outside hitter), RS (right-side hitter), MH (middle hitter/blocker), and S (setter)! At one point in her career, her school team was ranked 4th in the nation per Volleyball Magazine. In fact, her volleyball talents as a youth earned her a D1 scholarship. Kristin has been coaching for nearly 25 years, and has taught players ranging in age from 3rd grade to high schoolers. As a high school coach in Illinois, her teams won numerous tournaments and sectionals. In fact, as a member of the Legend High School volleyball coaching staff, Kristin took the team to a Colorado State Tournament appearance.

Kristin holds a degree in Business Management from Robert Morris University in Springfield, Illinois. As a very creative employee of Joann Fabrics, she also enjoys crafting, sewing, bicycle riding, hiking, and family time. Fun fact: Kristin has jumped out of an airplane!

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“I enjoy working with kids, having as much (or more) fun than they are having! I love watching them grow and develop as volleyball players AND human beings. I strive to be a good mentor and role model.”

Enrico Lucon, NVC Certified Coach
Originally from Italy, Enrico started playing volleyball at age 11. He played mostly among friends, in both Milan, Italy and Mol, Belgium. He also started coaching in Belgium, and then when he moved to the United States he coached for Boulder Parks and Recreation, the YMCA of Boulder, and the City and County of Broomfield. He has also coached at numerous schools, including Sacred Heart of Jesus and Horizons K-8. As a club-level coach, Enrico has had teams from Sunshine Volleyball Club, TCA-Boulder, and No Limits Volleyball.

With a Master's Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy), Enrico is currently a Materials Engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder. He has earned several Awards of Appreciation, and authored numerous industry plublications. He is fluent in five languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, and English. As an avid soccer fan, Enrico's favorite team is Inter Milan. He is also a youth soccer referee for the YMCA of Boulder, and loves listening to The Beatles. Enrico is a PCA certified coach.

"Coach Enrico knows the sport well, and he his best to coach them well during practices and game days. He enjoys his team! It has been a privilege having our daughter play for him--she has learned a lot!" 

"Enrico gives concrete feedback, while being very encouraging to the girls. He is a good coach!"

"Great communication style! Enrico is serious, but kind and patient. My daughter likes that he does not yell at the team. Her confidence in herself is improving quickly. Excellent coach!"

"Enrico is a good coach--clear and direct, yet encouraging. He does a great job building team spirit and teaching skills. The girls like and respect him. I also appreciate his good communication."

"Enrico is a very engaged coach. He has worked very hard to organize meaningful practices, strong team relationships, as well as keeping the parents very involved in the ongoings of the team. The players and parents respect him, trust him, and adore him!"

"Great learning experience! Enrico really cares about his players and makes sure they are improving as individual players, as well as team players. He does a great job!"

"Enrico is patient with a very different group of girls. He has good strategies for improvement for all the girls."

"Coach Enrico truly CARES about the girls and wants to see them excel at volleyball--he wants them to have a solid foundation of skills that will carry them forward in volleyball no matter what level they want to compete at. He is a coach AND a friend to the girls, and they respond well to his input."

"I enjoy helping kids learn volleyball skills, as well as teaching them how to strive for something and take winning or losing gracefully."

Tom MacDougal, NVC Certified Coach
Tom started playing volleyball at age 14, where he played for Carlsbad High School in California. He has been coaching for 15 years and coached at Tennyson High School in Hayward, California. After moving to Colorado, Tom picked right back up coaching for Parker Recreation. He has also coached soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Dam engineering is what Tom does! He is currently a Civil Engineer with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah. He also has technical writing training from Clemson University.

“We like the great coaching and support for the girls at every level. Coach Tom works well with all of the players and encourages them to be their best.”

"Coach Tom really spends time on helping the girls improve."

"Being in the volleyball gym is where I am  happiest, whether it's playing or coaching! My goal as a coach is to teach players new or better skills, while also igniting a passion for volleyball!"

Lauren Martinez, NVC Certified Coach
Lauren grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and has been playing volleyball for more than 15 years. For all four years at Cortez High School, she played on the varsity team. That CHS team won the Skyline Region 4A Conference two years in a row, and Lauren received many accolades: Dr. Voie Stewart Chase Coy Scholar Athlete Award 2003-2007, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award, Rotary Youth Leadership Award, Skyline Region 4A Conference 1st team, 2nd team, and Scholar Athlete Award. During all of this volleyball excellence, she also played three years of softball and one year of tennis for CHS.

Majoring in Economics and minoring in Exercise and Sports Studies, Lauren graduated from Smith College, in Northampton, MA. She played both softball (team captain) and volleyball there. As the starting setter all four years, she was also awarded the Seven Sisters All Tournament Team and the Johnson Wales All Tournament Team. Lauren has been coaching high level volleyball for more than five years, including many years as high school varsity coaching staff concurrently with assistant and head club coaching positions. She has even head coached at the college club level for Arizona Stated University.

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"I really enjoy working with people to help them get better. And, I just love volleyball!"

Wayne Martinez, NVC Certified Coach
Wayne has been playing volleyball for nearly 20 years and has played every position from setter to outside hitter to right-side hitter, to middle blocker to libero! He has played a lot of sand volleyball, as well as indoor hardcourt. With more than 15 years of volleyball coaching under his belt, Wayne has coached for the City of Aurora, Juggernaut Volleyball Club, Kepner Middle School, and Manual High School. Loving, caring, and competitive, he particularly loves working to develop kids who have never played before.

Wayne has been working at RMT Companies for 6 years--RMT is a regional bulk transportation provider offering a complete array of logistics services. He enjoys outdoor sports, volleyball, camping, fishing, and family time.

“We like Coach Wayne’s connection with the girls.”

"My main goal in coaching is for kids to love playing volleyball.  Learning skills is part of that; learning teamwork is another.  I enjoy watching players get better and more confident, especially when they really like to play and enjoy competing."

Nadine Rome, NVC Certified Coach
Nadine started playing volleyball in 5th grade, where the players were coached by local high school players.  She played both high school and college volleyball in Kansas.  Most recently, she has played a large variety of high-level adult indoor 6s--including women's and coed--across the metro area.  She has also played in numerous grass doubles tournaments, including women's, coed, and reverse coed, as well as competitive adult fours leagues.  During her sporting career, she was awarded as most improved player and most inspirational player for basketball.  Nadine has coached a variety of venues, including YMCA, middle school, and South Metro Volleyball (leagues and tournaments). 

Nadine holds a Bachelor of Science, with a Major in Accounting and Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics, from Sterling College.  She also has a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.  She currently works as a Computer Programmer & Developer and enjoys spending her free time cycling, climbing, and crafting. Nadine is a PCA certified coach.

"Nadine is super encouraging and can always fins something positive to notice. The girls are always smiling!”

"We are very satisfied with Coach Nadine, her encouragement, and her positive focus! She is great!”

"Coach Nadine is an enjoyable fun person AND coach!"

"Coach Nadine sets a positive example regarding sportsman-
ship, is patient with the team, and displays self-control and poise.  We are very happy!"

"Coach Nadine is very kind and positive!"

"Coach Rome is wonderful! She has done such a fantastic job, not only developing these girls into great volleyball players, but also confident young women...Bravo!"

“Coach Nadine has great drills for the kids and a positive attitude!”

"Coach Nadine is very patient and encouraging in her instruction and coaching! Our daughter had a very good experience in this first time playing in a volleyball league!”

"Nadine is enthusiastic and encouraging. She provides many opportunities for skill and improvement, and we like how low-key and friendly she is.”

"I like seeing people (especially kids) grow and learn , while also experiencing pride in success."

Jamie Thompson, NVC Certified Coach
Jamie started playing volleyball at age 12. She played for both her middle school and high school team in Massapequa, New York. Because she loves the sport of volleyball AND teaching, it is exciting for her to combine those two passions.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Toxicology from Colorado State University, Jamie is currently a skincare formulator for Sanitas Skincare and an Esthetician for Jamie Michelle Esthetics. She loves to play the piano, has two dogs, and recently started hiking 14ers.

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"I enjoy helping volleyball players improve and enjoy the game."

Andy Tuthill, NVC Certified Coach
Andy got the coaching bug when his daughter wanted to start playing volleyball! He has coached in the Gold Crown Volleyball League, as well as the recreational league through Broomfield Parks & Recreation. He has also coached youth baseball, soccer, and field hockey.

With an Electrical Engineering degree from DeVry University, Andy is currently an Electronics Engineer for UCAR (The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder. As one of his hobbies, he also has a professional bike racing license.

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"My philosophies for life are to 'never stop learning' and 'never stop moving."

Tonja Twito, Certified Personal Trainer
Tonja’s love of volleyball began at the early age of 9 years. From there, she continued to play in middle school, high school, college, and now adulthood. Tonja never stops learning and currently plays in numerous adult league and tournaments in the Denver Metro Area. She discovered her love of coaching while still in college and has coached volleyball off and of ever since—coaching many age ranges from recreational level to high school teams, to club players.

With an undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin, Tonja also is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, running coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and is currently working on her PN Nutritional Certification. Beyond the court, you will find Tonja training for marathons, strength training, practicing yoga, teaching boot camps, volunteering at church, and most importantly…raising her three daughters, ages 5, 7 and 9. She and her husband moved to Colorado 10 years ago from Minnesota, fell in love with the lifestyle out here, and never looked back!

"I like being able to share my passion for the sport I love and grow strong student-athletes!"

Sebrinia Welch, NVC Certified Coach
Sebrinia has been playing volleyball for nearly 15 years. She played four years in high school, and three years at Luther College (a DIII school in Iowa). She has also played many years in adult competitive volleyball leagues in Colorado--mainly as an RS (right-side hitter) or DS (libero / defensive specialist). Sebrinia coached three years of middle school volleyball for MLK Early College in Denver, and is in her second season as part of  the Montbello High School Warriors volleyball staff.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish from Luther College (Iowa) and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education, Sebrinia currently works as the GEAR UP Grand Manager for Denver Public Schools Office of College and Career Readiness. She also holds Colorado School Counseling Licensure and is a National Certified Counselor. In addition to her passion for playing and coaching volleyball, Sebrinia also loves reading and traveling.  In fact, she spent several months studying abroad in Spain and plans to visit Croatia and Slovenia in the near future.

“Sebrinia is very committed and focused on helping the kids improve.”

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Dexter Ancheta, Coach
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Carmen Brown, Coach
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Jamie Caldwell, Coach
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Shaylyn Delong, Coach
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Britney Fairchild, Coach
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Krystyna Foxworthy, Coach
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Shawn Johnson, Coach
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Gina Kehn, Coach
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Alisa Kice, Coach
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Anthony Leiber, Coach
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Michael Mardoz, Coach
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Brittany Paige, Coach
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Joe Panem, Coach
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Dennis Ranes, Coach
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Mariana Seserman, Coach
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Carla Shover, Coach
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Nate Whitley, Coach
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Ashley Nieto, Executive Admin
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