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Frequently Asked Questions

How much commitment is club?

A huge time commitment to 9 (or more) teammates and their commitment level is there which means they will attend everything possible to not only improve themselves, but also the team. This includes two week-night 90-minute practices and more tournaments for the regional or national levels. Club also runs continuously from November to May. Strength training is recommended but not mandatory in order to prevent injuries to the player.

What is the difference between Regional, National, and Local Club?

  • National teams are for players that want some extra practice/training plus going to more RMR Powers and/or out of state tournaments, aka long travel and longer trips being away for these big tournaments.
    • National 12u/13u Cost- $2200*
    • National 14U/15U Cost- $2400*
    • National 16u-18u Cost- $2600*
    • NATIONAL PACKAGE (Total Price: $300)
      • Custom Sublimated Game Jersey #1
      • Custom Sublimated Game Jersey #2
      • Spandex Shorts
      • Socks (2-pack)
      • Knee Pads
      • Practice Tee
      • Backpack
      • Jacket
      • Pants
  • Regional is for players that want to be exposed to Colorado or close by RMR tournaments and a power. NO long travel, usually six hours maximum for travel.
    • Cost: $2100*
    • REGIONAL PACKAGE (Total Price: $240)
      • Custom Sublimated Game Jersey #1
      • Custom Sublimated Game Jersey #2
      • Spandex Shorts
      • Socks (2-pack)
      • Knee Pads
      • Practice Tee
      • Backpack
  • Local is for players that want an extra practice night but not commit to the travel that happens for the two higher levels; local gets two weeknight practices and games/tournaments through No Limits only which is three double-header games and the two tournaments per session.  Local is also for players that don't meet the skill level for Regional or National but want to do Club still.
    • Cost: $1800*
    • LOCAL PACKAGE (Total Price: $100)
      • Turquoise Game Jersey
      • Black Game Jersey
      • Turquoise Warm-Up Tee

(Local players can re-use their package from last year if they have one)

Does pricing for club include travel, uniforms, and USAV Membership?

Pricing does not include travel costs (airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food), uniform package costs (per season), or the USAV Membership which is $55 a year. If they were members of an RMR team last season, their membership is still active through the summer. Uniforms will range from 100-300 at the most.

Can you buy certain things from the Club Packages package rather than the whole package?

You can’t order separate things from them, you get it ALL; however, if you want to order an extra pair of spandex or socks, that is doable.

What is RMR and what does it stand for?

  1. RMR stands for Rocky Mountain Region.  It is a Region of USA Volleyball (USAV).  Our local teams will not be participating in any USAV tournaments or Powers.
  2. Power Tournaments are basically RMR's version of our league tournaments.  They are one day pool play tournaments throughout the Denver and surrounding areas.  All Power Tournaments are played on Sundays beginning in January and end in April of each season. There are a total of 6 Power Tournaments.  Teams are ranked at a seeding meeting at the beginning of the season.  Teams move up or down divisions depending on their win/loss record. Teams play in their age division, but they also have mixed aged divisions as well so that stronger teams on an age division can play up an age division.

What else do I need to know about Club?

No Limits is a full-on USAV club starting this year (2017-18) and many of our teams will participate in RMR Powers and other local tourneys such as the Greeley Showdown. Some teams will also participate in National qualifiers such as Crossroads in Denver, President’s Day Classic in Omaha, and Show Me in Kansas City. Any player wanting to play club next year, will have to attend tryouts. Depending on the level of team you want to join, coaches may be able to retain players from their rosters for the current season. Tryouts and 2nd-chance Tryouts will be scheduled and put on the “Club” tab on the website. If you cannot make any of ours, please let us know so we can find a way to evaluate you with your potential peers and teammates and consider you for a club team.

What is the difference between League and Club?

Number one difference is cost. Second biggest difference is that club is a lot more commitment time-wise than league. Also, you are expected to participate in every possible strength-training or skill training activity that coaches want for their teams. Another difference, you are guaranteed to be placed on a league team (unless more developmental sessions are needed first) and with club you may or may not make a team. Finally, club guarantees a team that will stay together all 3 sessions/the whole club season and league has teams that could stay together but most of the time break apart and constantly have changing teams through each session.

Why do League?

Most teams/players use this as a stepping stone for many players to play before considering club. However, it is also for kids who love volleyball but have other commitments and things they want to do at school and other sports (i.e. kids who do not have time to fully commit to club’s demands on time). It is good for younger players to play league and not spend the money on club to allow the player to find out if volleyball is their passion.

What ages are for league?

Typically ages 12-18. If a player is younger than that (no younger than 9 though) and has all the proper skills needed to play volleyball to league standards, they can join the youngest league team available.

How does league work?

  1. 3 total sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring)
    1. Each session is 7 weeks, with 1 weeknight practice per week (Any day between Mon-Fri). Practices are 90 minutes each.
    2. For games each session there are 3 Saturday tournaments (10-20 games total, depending on how team does in tournament)
  2. Free skill assessments are done a few weeks before the session begins and are done at the NO LIMITS CONCOURSE
    1. Player is assigned to a team based on skills demonstrated at the assessment
  3. Players on each league team can change from session to session as well as the coach, however it is possible for teams to stay together from session to session.
    1. Teams can stay together for years/may end up breaking up over each 7-week session. It depends on how long of a commitment the players are looking for
  4. Some league teams can beat club teams as not all the better players want to play club

Sometimes a player can move to a club team that had injuries as an option after a session ends; however, parents need to pay the higher price to do this (primarily happens for the 3rd session in Spring).

What are the Mandatory Skills Assessments?

Free assessments that are done a few weeks before the session begins and are done at the NO LIMITS CONCOURSE. The player is assigned to a team based on skills demonstrated at the assessment. This is to make sure each player is put on a team that best matches their skill level.

How do I register for the free skills assessment?

  1. Register online/pick a date once we send you a skills assessment link AFTER you have registered and paid for league
    1. You cannot sign up for a free skills assessment until you have registered/paid for league
    2. OR, the skills assessment will be available to register for while registering for the league session you are trying to register for.

Do all players need to be evaluated for league?

Not if they are already returning to a team. If not, then yes, they need to be evaluated. If  the player is new to No Limits and has not played with us before (or in a while) they need an evaluation. OR, players can be reevaluated after a session to see if they are good enough to move up to a higher-level team if they feel their skills have grown enough to do so.

What determines how a league team is put together?Based on age, skill level, and location. Most likely and usually on location, this could lead to diverse skills on a team.

How much does league cost?

Early Registration Price is $299 per player and Regular Registration Price is $325 per player. To see the deadlines of how long Early and Regular Registration are open, go to the League Tab and click on the "Registration" option.

How much do league jerseys cost?

$35-45; it is encouraged that teams try to stay together, and players try not to jump from team to team so you can reuse the jersey. Otherwise, each new team joined you will have to buy a new jersey each time. When registering for league the jersey is $35.00; it goes to $45.00 if you wait until after registering for league to buy a jersey. There is a last-minute processing fee because we have to rush order any colors/sizes we need to get them to teams ASAP.

When do I need to order a jersey for league?

No later than 3 weeks before the league session starts as it will take two weeks for everything to process and for us to get jerseys done and to teams in time.

What happens when we want to change teams (league)?There will be a fee of $25 to change teams if it is not one of the following reasons:

1. Player placed on wrong level team for age or skill level

2. Player placed on a team that did not consider the requested information provided in the sign up for the player as long as it meets the age and skill level.  Location, practice day and playing on a team with requested players are the three main issues to identify.

3. Players placed with a coach that the player requested not to be on that coach’s team for valid reasons we are aware of

When is the schedule for league practice/games/tournaments announced?

One week before the session begins for practices/games. For tournaments the location/times for that tournament will be announced about one week before that tournament.

What are the dates for each League Session?

  1. Fall practices are 11/06-1/13
  2. Winter practices are 1/29-3/17
  3. Spring practices are 4/02-5/19
  4. For other dates attaining to games and other info, click on the League tab and then click “League Info”
  5. Holiday breaks involve the week of November 20-27th and the weeks of December 18th-31st with no games or practices
    1. However, keep an eye on the site because we will be posting camps, clinics, lessons, drop-ins, and other fun volleyball activities to keep you in the gym over these Holiday breaks!
  6. We have our “Off Season” during the months of end of May-October. During this time we have A LOT of events, clinics, camps, drop in scrimmages, etc. We also hold club try outs over the summer. All of this information will be available on the site on the according tabs or on the home page.

What are clinics?

90-minute sessions that are numerous times a week. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced clinics, and specialize in all skills: Serving, Passing/Serve Receive, Setting, Hitting, etc. There will also be playing time at the end to use the skills practiced in a game-like situation.

What are camps?

3-hour programs that we hire coaches to teach the curricula we provide for the skills we are teaching. These help the club to enhance skills of players. It is a longer set of time, so it usually runs more than one skill and then playing time during or at the end to use the skills in a game like setting.

What are private lessons and semi-private lessons?

  1. All private/semi private lessons are one hour; private is one-on-one with player and coach while semi-private is two-four players with one coach.
  2. We usually schedule what the lesson is on for semi-privates.
    1. It is the players' choice on what skills they want to focus on during private lessons
    2. Semi-Privates are specialized to skill/level (beg/int/adv) and usually pre-determined on the skill but can be customized

What is the Earned Financial Aid program?

The EFA option just gives families more breathing room to pay for their season without having automatic withdrawals taken out every month. Either payments are made when they can be OR money needs to be fundraised by the family in order to pay the fees.

How does the Earned Financial Aid Program work?
Essentially how it works is that after you attend a meeting and sign an EFA (Earned Financial Aid) agreement, you will be issued a code that will zero out your account balance on SportsEngine and allow you to register your player. At the meeting you will be given a number of different options for fundraising; we have enough variety that most people can find something that they are comfortable with, and Our Scholarship/EFA Coordinator will be there throughout the season giving support, encouragement, and resources as needed. You will have until the last day of the season to submit the funds you owe, and at the end of the season any remaining becomes a balance due to No Limits. Some families are doing some fundraising, and also making payments on their own over time. It's really up to you!

What do I need to know about tournaments?

  1. There are six during the year with two each session (November - May). All tournaments are on Saturday throughout the Denver Metro area; they take place after the three weeks of league games. All tournaments are seeded based on number of teams in the tournament or by skill.
  2. Outside teams are allowed to sign up/join our tournaments; teams are guaranteed at least 5-8 games/tournament and could play more depending on how they play in the tournament. Our tournaments host over 100 teams in all age divisions.
  3. All Tournaments have a director present/trained referees and typically last 5-8 hours. We usually do not announce times/locations until the week of tournaments so plan on it being an all day occurance since you will not know too far ahead of time if you play in the afternoon or morning. How a team does in our tournaments affects your ranking in RMR as well as within No Limits teams.

How do tournaments technically work?

There is a site director that assists all teams, reffs, and parents and keeps the tournament organized as well as keeping track of teams’ progress. After pool play is completed then those teams that "broke pool" will go on to the semi-finals and finals to decide who wins the overall tournament. If a team does not make the semi-finals, there is a consolation bracket just for more games for a team (and basically for fourth/fifth place). Tournaments are seeded to have the best teams play each other mixing in the outside teams as well.  If a No Limits team wins the prior tourney then they and the team they beat in the finals can be moved up to a higher division against older kids.  This achieves two things: teams are rewarded for winning to play higher teams (they usually lose) and it allows the teams lower to have a better chance to win the next tourney since the better teams at their age level got moved up. Typically each team are guaranteed to play 6-8 games in pool play.

How do I find out what locations you offer?

Click on the “Locations/Contact” tab all the way to the right and top of our web page and all of our locations for practices and games will pop up in there.

What facilities are games at and what times do the games occur?

We hold games at our main facility “The No Limits Concourse”, the other games are wherever we can get all day availability for Saturdays, check out our “Contact/Locations” to see what other location we offer! Games range anywhere from 8 am to 8 pm depending on what division you’ll be in. All the schedules are announced a week prior to each session beginning. Also, to find game schedules for your team, you can look on your team page or under the league tab and then click the final item on the drop-down menu that will say the year and what session it is, for example it could say: “Fall 2017 Teams” or “Winter 2018 Teams”, etc.

Where can I find my team schedule or how do I get it?

Once on our site, hover on the "League" tab and then click the current session and teams, for example it will say "Winter 2018 Teams" or "current session Teams". Then, find your team on the left side blue menu it will say your team's name, the coach's name, or both. After you click your team's name the team page will pop up and the schedule for practices and games (locations/times) is there.

What 24 Hour Fitness Locations do you offer?

Locations listed by this order: Location Name/Cross Streets/City

  • Arvada/80th & Sheridan/Arvada
  • Aurora/Parker & Quincy/Aurora
  • North Aurora/Alameda & Chambers/Aurora
  • Parker-Arapahoe/Parker & Chambers/Aurora
  • North Boulder/28th & Foothills Pkwy/Boulder
  • Broomfield/120th & Sheridan/Broomfield
  • Castle Rock/I-25 & Meadows Pkwy/Castle Rock
  • Southglenn/University & Arapahoe/Centennial
  • Alameda Avenue/Alameda & Colorado/Denver
  • Lowry/Alameda & Quebec/Denver
  • Tiffany Plaza/Hampden & Quebec/Denver
  • Meridian/Lincoln & Peoria/Englewood
  • Centennial/Quebec & County Line/Highlands Ranch
  • Lakewood/6th & Union/Lakewood
  • Highlands Ranch/C470 & Broadway/Littleton

Do you hold games at the 24 Hour Fitnesses?

No we do not. We only hold practices or select private lessons or Devo/Future Masters Sessions at 24 Hour Fitnesses.

Why do I need to buy a membership or passes to 24 Hour Fitness to watch my child practice?

Unfortunately, we are not the only sports organization to partner with 24 Hour Fitness; there was a basketball club before No Limits partnered with 24 Hour and families/certain people claimed to want to watch their kids practice when they ended up taking advantage of 24 Hours' gyms/facilities instead. Because of this and multiple liability issues, parents now have to have 24 Hour Memberships OR a pass in order to be able to come into the practices and watch their kids practice. You can walk in with your child and drop them off but then you have to leave. The only time you do not need to purchase a membership/passes is if your child is under 12 and on a team that practices at 24 Hour Fitness. Due to the fact that no kid under 12 is allowed to own a membership, the membership gets put into the parents' name and the parent then has to be at every practice for liability issues due to the child being underage. 

How much is the membership if I buy one from 24 Hour Fitness with No Limits?

It ranges depending on which 24 Hour Fitness it is but, their Corporate Membership Rate ranges anywhere from $29.00-$39.00 per month, this gives you access to all the gym equipment, options for personal training, pools/spa, free classes, etc. Once the Session is over, you can cancel your membership without any consequence or extra charge so, if you wanted to have a membership only for one Session, you can and then at the end of the session get rid of it!

What is The "Rising Stars" Developmental Program?

This is our beginner program also referred to as “Devo”.  It is the introduction to volleyball for all kids ages 8-12 primarily but sometimes we get middle school kids 13-14 or younger 7-year-old kids a few times.  Boys and girls are both welcome. We run sites throughout the Metro and North area.  DEVO puts an emphasis on proper skills and techniques to enhance each basic skill: serving, passing, setting, and hitting along with game play. This is used as a feeder to get League players for our Emerald and Ruby Division League teams.  Emerald is for players 8-11 and Ruby is 10-13. The overlap of ages is based on size of player and skill.  Ruby teams are more competitive than Emerald most of the time; ruby is more towards the intermediate side, but the skills still need some work. The sessions run parallel to our 8-week league sessions where the Devo is only 6 weeks and should be done before the next League session starts so players can transition to League if they meet the core skills to be promoted. At the end of the 6-week session, the players have a big showcase event where their families and friends can come see their improved skills and coaches evaluate their core skills. Also, the parents and friends can get in and do drills with their kids and scrimmage with them. Many players repeat the Devo more than 1 time, sometimes 2-3 times.  Not all Devo players want to play beyond Devo, but many do when promoted.

What core skills does "Rising Stars" cover?

Rising Stars covers proper passing, setting, hitting (or as some people say “spiking”, a lot of kids use that word at this age group), hitting approach, overhand serving, and overall game play/scrimmaging to utilize these skills in a game-like situation.

When can my child graduate from "Rising Stars"?

When s/he can properly execute all the core skills. Over-hand serving and setting are not required in our games at young ages, kids can serve under-hand and setting is just an extra bonus skill if the kids can start to proficiently demonstrate this skill. Also, we like to try and start the players young with serving over-hand so as they get older they can become more comfortable with it. However, sometimes players are promoted to graduate Devo without mastering all skills due to age, size or strength of player (this is a little rarer though); if the player does not have the circumstances of age, size, or strength, s/he will need to repeat Rising Stars until they can efficiently and effectively demonstrate all the core skills (besides setting). We do not expect our lowest divisions to be "perfect" or complete strong athletes but, they need to be proficient in all the core skills to be able to play some-what of a volleyball game.

Is there a “Rising Stars” type program for kids older than your typical age range of 8-12?

There is, and it is called “Future Masters”; however, this program is not big/popular enough for us to just schedule them and have people register like we do for our “Rising Stars” program--we are slowly getting to that point so keep an eye on our Future Masters tab under the main "Beginners" tab! If you are interested in Future Masters at a location we do not offer at the moment, please e-mail and then we can make a list and once we have at least 6 players interested, we can schedule a “Future Masters” program in said location of interest. This program is 5-6 weeks long (depending on rental availability) and is an accelerated fast-paced learning environment to better suit our older beginners ages 12 and up. This program teaches the core skills and fundamentals but with a little extra for the kids since they are older and a little more focused or serious about learning volleyball. 

What locations do you offer for Rising Stars or Future Masters?

We offer the No Limits “Concourse”, “The Diff Facility”, Word of Life, Colorado's Finest High School, Denver Discovery School, Longmont Athletic Club, and Peak to Peak Charter School. Our locations may vary and differ depending on if league and club season is happening or not, so please keep an eye on our website for upcoming locations and dates! You can also go to the “Locations/Contact Us” tab on the website (last tab on the far right at the top of the home page) to see where these locations are.

How much does "Rising Stars" or "Future Masters" Cost?

Rising Stars is $120.00/player for 6 weeks and Future Masters is $99.00/player for 5-6 weeks (price may vary on if it is 5 or 6 weeks).

Where can I find information about Rising Stars/Future Masters or registration for that?

You can find all the information and registration for these programs on the “Beginners” tab (top of website, second one from the left) and it will bring down a menu where you can click “Rising Stars Devo” or “Future Masters” if you just click the beginner tab it will bring up any information on Future Masters/Devo or there is a blue box at the top of that page that will say “Rising Stars Devo” or “Future Masters”.

How do I register my child for USAV? 

Once you have been offered a club team position and have accepted/registered, start here: Go on to register

How do I complete a USAV age verification form?

Make a COPY of the child’s birth certificate or other gov't issued ID and give that to your coach or mail it to us with note of what team you’re on. Our address is : 8536 Concord Center Drive, Unit A Englewood, CO 80112.

How do I complete a USAV medical release form?

Fill out the Medical release form and email that to your coach.

How do I complete a 24 Hour Fitness orientation and release form?

Show up 30 minutes early to your first practice and complete the orientation that day.