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Weather Policy

Weather Policy

As an organization with several thousand family members currently in our programs, the magnitude and complexity of notification logistics dictates that we almost never close or cancel. If it snows, we play. Only if the conditions are so bad as to warrant nearby road closures, will we seriously consider cancelling. However, in the case where facilities we rent close down due to weather, we are forced to cancel (often with little notice).

For any event where we do end up cancelling, we will take 2 precautions to let all participants know as soon as possible.


1. We will put the information on the home page of our website at the top.
2. We will email your entire group or team a detailed notification.


If you notice the weather is bad in your vicinity and/or the roads are treacherous, please do not call or email us. Check our website and your email inbox. "No news" means everything is on as scheduled. However, should conditions be too extreme for your comfort and/or compromise the safety of your family, please opt out of any given practice or game that takes place during what you perceive to be justifiable inclement weather.  Your safety is paramount, and every family should make their own decision based on their own circumstances.

This rule of discretion to opt out applies to all families, including our coaches. On the occasions when coaches cannot make practices or games, South Metro Volleyball will have qualified substitutes lead teams as scheduled.

In most instances, cancellation means cancellation…not postponement. Our schedule is so extremely tight with the facilities we rent and the dates of our programs, that we have very little room to move anything. In addition to the fact that our organization is literally too large to catch everyone with a cancellation notice, lack of ability to make-up practices or games is another key reason we are very particular about weather cancellations. 

Playing sports in Colorado means some seasons you miss an occasional practice or game.